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Yacht Charter
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Team Building

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Skippering and boat transfer

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Sailing Academy
Sailing and motor boat school

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Organization of regattas and nautical events

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Nautical assistance

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 Yacht Charter

Rent a boat anywhere in the world

with You since 1992 

We offer over 3500 vessels in the Adriatic, the Mediterranean Sea and Global

Simple and fast!

Let us know your wishes and in the shortest time you get the best offer.
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Team Building

Strengthen your team ...

with You since 1992 

Only with a good team can we win and develop our company 

Team building is intended to improve mutual relations, increase productivity and cooperation in the team to achieve best results possible

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Why is Nauto Sailing Team Building the most suitable for you?

The boat offers the most effective test of the team. Living space is limited and needs to be shared with others. When traveling by sailing, we are exposed to unpredictable challenges of nature, depending only on our choices and cooperation with the team. Achieving goals, good relations and atmosphere can only be achieved through good organization and crew participation. This is also the case in team work, company or in relations with business partners.

With more than 25 years of professional sailing experience, we have learned to recognize individuals and motivate them to win together with the team. Same in a cruise sailing from point A to point B, as in race 

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Nauto Team Building programs

Details of team building program will be designed together with you. We will try to comply with your goals and wishes. We offer you almost everything that is possible. Popular SUP, kayaks, water scooters, various adrenaline aids, cycling, trekking, as well as more spiritual as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong... The common thread of all developments is of course the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

In our program you will be led by professional guides with many years of experience, doing a seemingly simple yet 100% effective task, get to know the qualities of your team and their abilities in a relaxed and recreational atmosphere.

Team Recreation
A social program designed to consolidate teamwork, communication and trust. Participants stay on board. If desired, they participate in sailing activities. Various optional content is being implemented. The emphasis is on a relaxed atmosphere, socializing, enjoying in nature and culinary delights.

Team Victory
Efficient and targeted team building with selected goals. The program details are aligned with the intended purpose of the client. Participants participate in pre-assigned activities with specific tasks. Basic and optional activities are carried out according to the timetable. The emphasis is on group performance of the activities and the assessment of the work done.

Team Business
A social program designed to strengthen the relationships and synergies with business partners. Participants stay on board or Hotel. If desired, they participate in sailing activities. Implement the various contents of your choice. The emphasis is on relaxation, socializing, enjoying nature and culinary delights.

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Activities in the Nauto Team Building program

Basic activities
- Sailing with skippers. Changing the functions of the vessel, preparation, construction, completion
- The theory of sailing - an interactive lecture
- Evening summary and evaluation of daily activities

Optional activities
- Paddling with the SUP or kayak
- Diving
- Fishing
- Culinary
- Trekking
- Cycling
- Climbing
- Geo locations
- Yoga, Tai Chi, Gigong
and more...

Additional services
- Fostering mutual activities team with the help of psychiatrist-psychotherapist.
- Thematic lectures
- Professional photographer or cameraman and video summarizing
- Organization of transport
- Branded clothing, flag stickers ...

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Starting points

Northern Dalmatia
- Background: Zadar, Biograd, Murter, Sibenik
- Destinations for route: Kornati, Long Island, Iz, Zut, Pasman, Murter, Kaprije, Skradin

Southern Dalmatia
- Introduction: Split, Kastel, Trogir, Rogoznica, Primosten
- Destinations for route: Solta, Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula

Duration and terms
- Recommended start or end on a Saturday or by appointment.
- 4 days 3 nights
- 8 days, 7 nights
- or by appointment

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Sailing School
School of motor boats
Sailing Academy

Let sail independently ...

with You since 1992 

NAUTO Sailing School

Sailing isn't hard but it is a responsible work that demands a complex knowledge and experiences that sailors upgrade for hundreds years.

In our school we will teach you all the skills, seamanship and those hidden tricks that change sailing into a perfect pleasure.

The topics of sailing classes are based on 30 years experiences of professional skippering and the participation at the numerous international regattas. Our instructors have international qualifications from the official World Sailing Federation – ISAF (International Sailing Federation –

INSHORE - seamanship and sailing >
OFF SHORE - sailing and seamanship on Blue water > 
REGATTA - become racing Skippers and creew > 
MOTOR BOAT - manouvering with single and two engined boats > 
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INSHORE - school of seamanship and sailing

It's a four or seven day’s class. You will be qualified for all the sea works and for the individual leading of charter and owner sailing boats and motor yachts. You will get to know sea area, which will be suitable for your first individual nautical experience.

Classes are being performed on a 34 to 40 foot yacht with all the comfort you can wish. The port is in Beograd or in Portorož. We can arrange to meet in another port or on your own yacht.

Topics of the class
- procedure of renting (check in, check out)
- organization of the kitty and getting food
- vessels and equipment
- steer the wheel or rudder
- land sideways, on the stern or bow
- safely tie the vessel
- anchor and find a safe anchorage in all weather conditions
- rescue an injured person from the water
- terestical bnavigation, work with GPS and to work with weather conditions
- planning the sailing route and to comply with weather, the crew and with the equipment
- managing with sails, sailing equipment and all techniques of sailing

The whole time of the course we spent on a cruise and on the boat. Every day we sleep in another place. In the right sailing spirit we will guide you through all the things you need to know about sea life, seamanship, sailing skills, situations and procedures that will cross your way as an individual skipper.

Dates of courses: 6 participans or a matter of agreement

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OFF SHORE - Continuing school of sailing and naval skills

Four or seven days course with the upgrade of sailing knowledge, experiences, individual life and behavior at the sea. The classmates have to have the base sailing knowledge or an INSHORE course.

Classes are being performed on a 37 to 56 foot yachts. We will visit Vis, Korčula, Hvar, Lastovo and a lot of other interesting places with stops for sightseeing.

Topics of the class
- planning, safety and performance of an off shore route.
- organization of guard, food, life at the open sea.
- day and night navigation, watching the weather prognosis.
- improve sailing skills and seamanship, sailing with spinaker or genaker.
- saving complicated situations at the sea.
- procedures in bad weather.

Dates of courses: 6 participants or a matter of agreement 

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REGATTA - for Skipper or crew

Four or seven days of course with the upgrade of regatta rules, techniques and tactics.

It is performed on a 33 or more foot yacht with a daily exit from the prime bay at the range – regatta field.

Topics of the class
- preparation of the sailing boat for regatta
- regatta rules (ISAF)
- regatta tactics
- start procedure
- turning on the buoy
- arrangement of the crew and their tasks (sailing equipment)
- sailing tactics upwind and windward
- spinaker and genaker.

Dates of courses: 6 participants or a matter of agreement

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MOTOR BOAT - School maneuvering and handling

Two or four day maneuvering course with single or two engines bats.

Course is performed on owners or charter boats.

Topics of the class
- getting to know and basics of motor engineering
- theory of propeller, lateral drift and stabilization of the boat
- affective maneuvers in different weather conditions
- safe land mooring, anchoring and a buoy
- allocation of crew and individual tasks (depending on maneuvers)

Course dates: upon registration of 6 participants or by appointment

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Hire a Skipper
Boat Transfer

Sail save and carefree with us...

with You since 1992 

Hire a Skipper and
Boat Transfer


Want to spend a carefree vacation, visit the most beautiful islands and restaurants on the Adriatic?

Would you like to impress your business partners?

Let us take care of the organization of the paths and gourmet experiences in unforgettable romantic bays.

You will be accompanied with best skippers and animators. They master navigation and the Adriatic Sea. We offer you from the culinary to cultural knowlege and perfect nautical experience.

Do you want to take part in the regatta, but do not have enough experience?

With our experiences on many international regattas we guarantee you a fantastic sport adventure.

Boat transfer

We sail safely with your boat from anywhere and arrive everywhere. Trans Atlantic, Trans Mediteranean, Trans Adriatic.

We provide a professional and responsible service.

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Organization of regattas and Nautical events

Taste of glory, socializing and fun ...

with You since 1992 

Organization of regattas, Sailing rallies and Nautical events

A very popular way of socializing businessmen with a touch of rivalry and the sweetness of victory are sailing regattas and sailing rallies.

We take care of everything. For professional execution, from hiring, preparation of vessels, performance of regatta or sailing rally, accommodation and entertainment of competitors and guests on boats or hotels.

We prepare all the details of the difficulty level, culinary, entertainment and accompanying activities according to your wishes.

You just enjoy yourself in the sailing, competitive atmosphere and socializing.

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Nautical Assistance

Boat construction, purchase and fitting out ...

with You since 1992 

Are you buying or selling a boat?

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Are you looking for a new marina?

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Are you looking Charter for your boat?

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Are you fitting your boat?

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NAUTO team

Are you looking for new challenges? Try it together with us..

with You since 1992 

About us

What do we do?


Peter Mernik

Professional skipper and competitor, sailing teacher – instructor 2 (ISAF license).

I have more than 30 years of experience in nautics tourism. I'm a nautics journalist, the author of nautical TV show MODRO (Blue).

I have a lot of expirience maintening and repairing of vessels, testing, valuation and advising in nautic industry.

Promoter and leader of projects (team building, regatta, group sailing, nautics events).


Gorazd Cizej

Professional skipper and competitor, more than 30 years of experience in nautics.

Owner of the nautical store Navtika Cizej in Maribor. Selling vessels and nautics equipment.

Provide maintenance, work shop, registration of vessels.


Gregor Cerar

Professional skipper, more than 20 years of experiences,

Ppromoter of group sailing and organization of nautics events. 


Marko Rupnik

Provider of sailing and sports clothing, medical help and equipment, sports enthusiast and a sailor.

Organization, mediator, marketing, promotion and marketing, relations with public.


Send us an inquiry or your wishes or call us ...


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